The Wisconsin National Guard Association, Inc. (WINGA) is a nonpartisan organization representing over 1,800 current and former Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard officers. Formed in 1951, the association promotes the relevance, readiness, and modernization of our National Guard, improving the quality of life for our members, and supporting state and national policies to advance the security of the United States.

WINGA Mission

The Wisconsin National Guard Association exists to promote the readiness, modernization, and relevance of the Wisconsin National Guard family and its members.

WINGA Vision

To ensure the Wisconsin National Guard is retained as a relevant, combat-ready, operational force and that all Guard members and stakeholders recognize the significance and value of the association.

WINGA Values

Principled leadership in the performance of our duties to serve our Guard members and stakeholders by advancing relevant policies in our state and nation.

Core Strategies
  1. Advance legislative initiatives at the state and national levels.
  2. Provide effective communications to members and partners.
  3. Ensure operational funding sources are diversified.